Top 5 Hunger Infographics

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Rooting Out Hunger

The main reason people suffer from vitamin A deficiency is that their diets lack foods rich in vitamin A. From 2007 to 2009, harvest plus and its partners distributed vitamin A-rich orange fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) to 24,000 farming households in Uganda and Mozambique.

rooting our hunger 1Source: harvestplus


Hunger is an age-old problem. It affects every country in the world to a different degree. It also produces social and political debates as to how to fight it and final a lasting solution. Here are some sobering facts about hunger in the world.

hunger 1Source: onlineschools

Stunting in Children

Stunting in young children is a consequence of multiple factors that are often linked to poverty – including nutrition, health, sanitation and environment. Stunting can lead to developmental problems and is often impossible to correct but it can be prevented.

stunting in children 1Source: unicef

How to Fight Hunger

Poverty is a principal cause of hunger – it prevents people from having access to food and the tools they need to grow it. Natural disasters, conflict, lack of infrastructure, and poor farming practices also contribute to the growing problem of hunger as the world population increases.

how to fight hunger 1Source: usaid

Simple Innovations Help African Farmers Thrive

Approximately one billion people live in chronic hunger ad more than one billion live in extreme poverty. Most are small farmers in the developing world. Helping these farming families to be more productive is one proven solution to reducing poverty and hunger.

simple innovations help african farmers thrive 1Source: gatesfoundation

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