Reduce Your Risk of Prostate Cancer With Prostate Massages

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There is grey area where men and women don’t like to talk about or mention a man’s prostate area- it is simply a no-go no-talk-about zone. However, the interest still lies there, all it needs is a little guidance and help about what the importance of keeping your prostate healthy is.

Massaging the prostate, also called prostate milking has several health benefits and the sensation can lead to the most pleasurable climax a man can have…but what does it mean? The Male G-Spot is located in the prostate gland and is considered to be the man’s emotional sex centre.

Erotic massages can help reduce a man’s risk of prostate cancer; bladder infection and can lead to stronger erections and more intense orgasms. And if this feels all too embarrassing for you, join the 70% of straight men who said they would consider an erotic prostate massage!

In a recent survey, the statistics have shown that prostate orgasms are around 33% stronger than penile orgasms and if you think that your partner won’t help you, you may be in luck…the truth is, 80% of women said they would give their partner a prostate massage – so what are you waiting for, ask away!

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