Top 5 Fitness Infographics

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Student’s Guide to Health and Fitness

Being in college is all about learning and studying. However, your body and need exercise to function properly. Despite the busy schedule, there are ways to stays fit in college.

student's guide to health and fitness

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40 Facts about Fitness

Here are some of the exciting facts about fitness in human being and health that you probably never recognized. Knowing these should give you yet additional reason to love your body and take care of your health.

40 facts about fitness

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The Truth about Toning Fitness Shoes

What are toning shoes? They’re shoes that have uniquely shaped rounded soles and extra cushioning, which alter the wearer’s normal walking gait.

the truth about toning fitness shoes

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Reddit’s Guide fitness

The fitness reddit – commonly known as Fitt – is a vibrant community of individuals sharing their knowledge, tips, and questions about all things related to achieving fitness goals. We’ve compiled some of the most popular and effective. Fittit info into this guide, perfect for anyone hoping to build muscle, lose fat, and work out smarter.

reddit's guide to fitness

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The Anatomy of a New Fitness Routine

Exercise is key to a healthier lifestyle. That’s common knowledge. But how to build and sustain a successful exercise routine is another story. Here’s how professional trainers and fitness instructors recommend getting started.

the anatomy of a new fitness routine

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    this is the best fitness infographic ever, cant believe it didnt make your list
    Periodic Table of Bodyweight Exercises

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