The history of the engagement ring

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This parallax scrolling infographic tells us the captivating and fascinating history of the engagement ring. Indeed, this tiny object has been deeply influenced by different periods (prehistorical times, Roman Empire, Victorian times, the economic crisis of 1929…), by different people (cavemen, Popes, kings but also Beyoncé!) and by different events, that you will discover scrolling through this infographic.

Did you know that cavemen used to craft cords for their other half? Did you know that the engagement ring as we know it today (for its symbolism) was actually invented in Ancient Egypt? Did you know that it’s during the Roman Empire that we started using them during union ceremonies?

Did you know that Pope Nicholas I made it compulsory for a Christian man to offer a gold ring to the lady he wanted to be betrothed to? Much nicer than the Puritans, who declared that a ring was too ostentatious and replaced it by a thimble… The story and the history is far from being over after that: the Cartier trinity ring, Tiffany, the economic crisis and much later, the world’s famous engagement ring given by Charles to Diana and later, by William to Kate, all of this is yet to come… Discover all about it now scrolling through our infographic.

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engagement ring

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