30 Unbelievable Beauty Tips from History

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The desire to look beautiful is certainly nothing new. All species strive for aesthetic perfection, but none seemingly go so far as human beings. Through history, we haven’t been squeamish about standing out. From crushing bugs to rubbing coal on our teeth – and even baking make-up in a hen’s womb!

In 2014, we have certain hygiene standards that weren’t always common-place. Especially in The Roman Empire where it was considered a good idea to gargle human urine (imported from Portugal) in order to ensure fresh breath. Doesn’t sound very fresh to us!

This infographic digs into some of the most weird and wonderful ideas the human race has ever tested in the pursuit of beauty. Some are a bit gross, some are completely disgusting and some are unbelievable, but overall they paint a very interesting picture; and suggest that there’s almost nothing we won’t try to look beautiful.

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Beauty tips infographic in order

Source: cosmeticsurgeryclinic.co.uk

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