Chutes And Ladders Of Love

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Falling in love brings with it a life full of surprises. As you sail through the high and low tides of love, you will find your journey taking the form of a round of Chutes and Ladders.

While some couples manage to complete their journey with relative ease as they climb the ladder of love to touch the skies of happiness, others face quite a few setbacks that can get the best of their relationship and send them back to square one much in the same way as a sly chute that gulps down its victims and sends them falling from the top to right back at the start.

As you move forward on your way to the ultimate destination with the one you love to no end, you experience a mix of all possible emotions – from bursts of sheer happiness that leave you giddy with butterflies in your stomach as you progress further into a promising relationship to spells of uncertainty as your relationship passes through one of its more challenging phases.

It is not unusual of a couple to find their relationship going through different chapters as they go on to explore the realms of love. However, an impediment in a love-filled voyage does not necessarily imply that it will never reach its desired destination.

While many obstacles might be faced by two lovers as they try to make their paths converge, handling things the right way can save any and every relationship no matter how many hardships try to damage the bond holding together two loving hearts.

All it takes is some commitment and a resolute determination to be at the side of your loved one come what may in order to fight even the mightiest of evil forces in the world, let alone the meagre chutes.


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