Top 5 Electricity Infographics

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Tips to Save on your Electric Bill

At $163 per month, the average U.S. homeowner’s utility bill is getting increasingly bloated. It’s not going to get any better thanks to new rounds of rate hikes being rolled out by big investor-owned utilities. Thankfully, there’s an ingenious way for you keep that money for yourself.

tips to save on your electric bill 1Source: 1bog

Go Green – Save Electricity

Trying to decide whether to invest in a more energy-efficient appliance or you’d like to determine your electricity loads; you may want to estimate appliance energy consumption.

go green save electricity 1Source: infographiclist

The Fastest Electric Vehicles on Earth

Electric motors have the advantage of instant torque, which means that you don’t have a clutch, and you don’t have transmission that kind of power can get addicting quick.”

the fastest electric vehicles on earth 1Source: carfinance247

The Hidden Cost of Household Gadgets

The department of energy reports average U.S. household electricity use is now 13 times greater than it was in 1950. It also predicts U.S. electricity consumption will continue to grow significantly over the next two decades due to meteoric rise in  the sale of electric consumer goods like smartphones and electric cars.

the hidden cost of household gadgets 1Source: 1bog

Pedal Power: Be your Own Gadget Generator

Nobody in their right mind wants to waste energy. Whether it’s for environmental or frugal reasons we all try to keep our power consumption under control. So it’d be great if we could use the energy our bodies create to power some of our favorite gadgets.

pedal power be your own gadget generator 1Source: moneysupermarket

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