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Changing the Face of Immigration

Some senate plans for immigration reform would cut the number of family visas to admit more people based on their job skills, reports the Washington Post. This would be a big change from current policy, one that would significantly change the characteristics of new immigrants.

changing the face of immigration 1Source: metrotrends

3 Cent Solution

Washington is about to undergo an automatic spending cut of $85 billion that has some worried about its impact on the economy. That impact could be avoided it Washington would just cut three cents on every dollar it spends as an alternative. To put it into perspective, we’ve taken a look at what those same cuts would look like to an average American.

3 cent solution 1Source: bankruptingamerica

Global Middle Class to hit 3 billion by 2020

On March 14 in Mexico City, the United Nations development programme (UNDP) launches its flagship human development report.

global middle class to hit 3 billion by 2020 1Source: aljazeera

I Fought the Law and the Law’s Dumb

It often takes years for new laws to be passed by legislation in local or state government. Strangely, it can take longer to eliminate old, antiquated laws that no longer make sense for our modern way of life. But if those outdated, borderline nonsensical laws were simply reacting to the times, who knows how our changing tech laws will appear generations from now?

i fought the law and the law’s dumb 1Source: online.csp

Obama’s Email Campaign

Obama’s email campaign (behind the scenes) How an email marketing campaign raised $690 million. “We did extensive A-B testing not just on the subject lines and the amount of money we would ask people for, but on the messages themselves and even the formatting.”

obama’s email campaign 1Source: e-shot

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