Venus Freeze Body Contouring (Infographic)

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Venus Freeze is the only technology that increases collagen synthesis via two separate mechanisms, resulting in a dramatic improvement in the skin condition. This infographic from Joie de Vivre Laser and Medical Spa clearly explains these two mechanisms in an easy to read visual format. It starts by highlighting some causes of loose or sagging skin this treatment can address including aging, weight loss or weight gain and pregnancy.

Central to the message is the short timeline for the results: only six to eight weeks. The two components are the restoration of collagen and the melting of fat cells through the use of special magnetic fields. An important aspect of any medical treatment is FDA approval and that information is displayed in large letters at the bottom of the infographic. On a design related note, the color scheme was selected to complement the website of Joie de Vivre Laser and Medical Spa.

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venus freeze body contouring 1Source: jdvmedspa

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