Distracted Driving: Men vs. Women (Infographic)

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Distracted driving is a growing problem, some people even call it the new drunk driving, 60% of drivers use cell phones while driving!

There are three main groups of distraction: manual, visual and cognitive. Some distractions, like texting while driving, include visual, manual and cognitive distraction, those distractions are extremely dangerous! There is a statistic that distracted driver is 23 time more likely to cause an accident!

 The eternal dispute who is a more careful driver men or women will never lose its topicality. Of course, there will never be a winner as well. Unfortunately, in this endless conflict people concentrate more on the battle between the sexes and pay very little attention on the shocking facts about drivers’ distraction which is actually the important topic.
We offer you some interesting statistics and facts about the dispute who is a more careful driver, men or women, also some scary statistics about distracted driving as whole.
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