Truck Accident Causation (Infographic)

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The next time you take to the highways, be wary of truck accidents. Such accidents are increasingly commonly on US highways, and a huge number of people die in tragic truck accidents every year in the US. Many of the people who lose their lives or get injured in such accidents do so because their small passenger vehicles collided with the truck, for no fault of theirs.

There are plenty of reasons why truck accidents happen, and reasons can range from defects in the truck to the driver taking his eyes of the road momentarily for some reason or other. According to a study conducted by the US department of transport, four primary reasons for big truck accidents include performance error, driver fatigue (leading to inattentiveness while driving), problems with the truck’s braking system, and traveling too fast for conditions. As can be seen, these causes are completely avoidable if the people concerned take the appropriate steps to make sure such accidents don’t happen.

It is the responsibility of all stakeholders to make sure that the US highways are safe from the menace of truck accidents. This infographic takes the readers through the various reasons why truck accidents happen and also gives an overview of a few ways of avoiding such accidents.

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truck accident causation 1Source: autoaccidentattorneyinfo

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