Best time to book flights from Australia

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Skyscanner Australia analysed over 250 million flight prices over the last three years in order to develop the ultimate insider guide to booking cheap flights from Australia.

As it turns out, the cheapest month to travel is November, with 12% savings on airfare costs. It’ll probably come as no surprise that December is by far the most expensive month, costing as much as 20% extra over the holiday period. To get the best deal it’s definitely worth booking your year-end trips as far in advance as possible.

In general, booking your flight 17 weeks before departure should get you the best price. Travel to the US has the biggest potential for bargain international flights, with 23% to be saved on the average airfare if you book around seven months before departure.

While this data may be a good indicator of when to buy your flights, if you have particular travel dates in mind there are other ways to hunt for cheap travel deals. It isn’t easy to keep an eye on airfares for an upcoming trip while you’re busy doing life, so you can use Skyscanner price alerts to help keep track of whether prices for your flight are climbing of falling.

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Source: skyscanner

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