Why Westerners consider Asia as a place to retire (Infographic)

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Asia is considered as a place to retire by large number of westerners due to various reasons like affordable great lifestyle, low rate of crime, opportunities for business, availability of healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables, tropical islands, friendly people, health and dental care that is affordable, nightlife and entertainment, carefree attitude and tolerant society.

Malaysia is one of the favourite places in Asia to retire as it has great infrastructure and good hospitality. In Malaysia, the average rent is $300-$600 whereas a meal costs around $3-$5. The crime rate in the country is low and it has a good nightlife as well.

Thailand is also one of the places for westerners to retire as it has an amazing night life, low crime rate and great connectivity. In Thailand a meal costs around $2-$3 whereas a beer costs around $1.63.

The natural beauty of Philippines attracts westerners to retire in this country which has a medium crime rate and good night life. In Indonesia one can rent accommodation for $200- $600 and can get a meal for $2-$3. The crime rate of the country is medium and it has good night life.

Some of the other countries in Asia that can be considered are Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, China and India.

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