My Big, Expensive American Wedding: Wedding Costs Vary by Region (Infographic)

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Between the dress, the ring, the location, and all the other wedding must-haves, your wedding is easily the most expensive party you’ll ever throw. Naturally the expenses of a wedding depend on personal decisions and preferences, but there are bigger patterns to be seen after a little research.

Different regions of the United States spend vastly different amounts on their weddings. The South throws an average of 813,328 weddings per year – more than any other region – but the Northeast spends $5,000 more per wedding. It seems as if most of those cost differences can be chalked up to varying costs of living. It’s just pricier to live, much less throw a big shindig, in some American regions versus others. For example, you’ll notice that the Northeast spends the most per wedding, but the region has less weddings per year, invites the least amount of guests, and has fewer number of businesses dedicated to the wedding industry than the other regions. The South, however, has the most weddings per year with nearly the cheapest expense, but the Southern states have the biggest wedding market value and a ton of wedding businesses dedicated to making bride’s big days even bigger.

Check out the infographic below to see how your region measures up and to get a glimpse at how much your neighbors spent on their big day!

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my big expensive american wedding wedding costs vary by region 1Source: myglassslipper

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