Traumatic Brain Injury Explained (Infographic)

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The majority of people are unlikely to know much about brain injury, the causes, effects and signs etc. That is why this infographic was created by Leigh Day, brain and spinal injury claims specialists, to help provide an alternative method of educating the general public all about traumatic brain injury.

But also unknown to most is what happens once you have suffered from a brain injury. Besides focusing on recovering and adapting your whole lifestyle, many people find it some consolation that they can make a claim for compensation against whoever was to blame if the injury was the fault of someone else.

For anybody seeking compensation through a solicitor and closure when they have been hurt it is important to ensure those acting on your behalf are experts in the field.  The dedicated efforts of the solicitors at Leigh Day have resulted in significant compensation for victims of Brain and spinal injuries, including those affected by Cerebral Palsy.  They provide a step by step guide to the whole process and help victims and families to recover costs to ensure that despite such an injury the individual can enjoy a quality of life, education and purchase of essential equipment to support their condition by gaining maximum compensation.

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